Atari's Greatest Hits

Atari's Greatest Hits 1.7.3

Iconic retro games on your iPhone


  • Portal to tons of games
  • Retro feel


  • Only one game included
  • Poor interface


Atari's Greatest Hits is a free app that allows you to buy a great many of their classic arcade and console titles from Pong and beyond.

Pong is the only title included when you install Atari's Greatest Hits. This most basic of games includes one and two player modes - you can play via Bluetooth with two devices, or on the same screen. Apart from nostalgia, there's really not much attraction to Pong today!

The range of games available is impressive, but it's hard to recommend most them to anyone who didn't play them the first time round! If you do miss those early days of gaming, or the Atari 2600, there will be much to love here, although touchscreen controls aren't always ideal.

Atari's Greatest Hits is basically a free shell for premium content. As a portal for games, the interface isn't incredible. It has a classic arcade look, but isn't very intuitive, and some of the buttons a small for the iPhone's screen.

For fans of retro arcading who would like to take Asteroids or Battlezone on the move, Atari's Greatest Hits is great news. However, younger gamers might find these relics are best left in the past.

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Atari's Greatest Hits


Atari's Greatest Hits 1.7.3

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